Some feedback from our happy residential customers

Wow! The opener is so quiet my husband is going to wish he had you replace both of them.

Jo, Beaverton, Oregon

By talking to this customer, we were able to figure out that having a quiet garage door opener was extremely important, and we installed the best match for her. It’s that simple.

I love how you changed it from 2 small doors to one large 16×7. It changes the look of the house and I don’t have to dodge that pole anymore. Thanks for doing the framing and everything.

Mary, Hillsboro, Oregon

This customer was tired of dealing with a pole in the middle of their two-car garage. By listening to their needs, we were able to get to the heart of the problem and install exactly what she needed.

Our commercial customers have positive things to say as well

Thanks for coming on short notice to secure the building. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t get home tonight if I couldn’t find someone to bring this door down.

Daryl, Hillsboro, Oregon